Photos Of Peckinpaugh Preserve

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Hilly Topography at Peckinpaugh (c)WendeeHoltcamp.JPG

Peckinpaugh Preserve - I0141.jpg

SpringCreekat Peckinpaugh (c) Wendee Holtcamp.JPG

Native Rye overlooking Spring Creek at Peckinpaugh (c)WendeeHoltcamp.jpg

Ruts from illegal ATV use damage the ecosystem (c) Wendee Holtcamp.JPG

Dwarf Salamander (c)WendeeHoltcamp.JPG

Magnolia trunk (c)WendeeHoltcamp.JPG

bullfrog (c)WendeeHoltcamp.jpg

Jennifer Lorenz and Mickey Merritt measure one of the largest magnolias in Montgomery County (c) Wendee Holtcamp.jpg

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